Speeding up your SoundCloud monetization with e-NOIs

Publishing clearance is an essential part to monetization on SoundCloud. And there is a correct way of going about it, and a wrong way. In this blog post we’re going to show you how to get this done right.

Once you’ve submitted content for monetization through the Repost dashboard, you will receive an email from an entity called Music Reports (MRI) sent from the email address shareinfo@musicreports.com. MRI is the company SoundCloud uses to clear your publishing. Please be sure to search your inbox for their sign up email, log in, and enable e-NOIs. You can do this by selecting the feature that says “Go Green.”

This makes it so Music Reports doesn’t send you snail mail and instead emails you anytime a track is in the publishing clearance phase. This can cut up to 10 days off of the usual amount of time it takes to clear publishing! So please go ahead and do this so you can make more revenue faster!

Here’s what the process looks like step by step:

MRI will send you an email to create an account with them.

Go ahead and follow the link to log in

Once in their dashboard find and select the option to “Go Green” in the messages area.

Agree and you’ll be good to go!

Any questions regarding getting set up can be directed to shareinfo@musicreports.com.

Writer: Jeff Ponchick
Category: Announcements
Date: November 06, 2015