Getting the most out of SoundCloud Stations


SoundCloud has rolled out a new feature called Stations. In this blog post we’re going to tell you a bit about what it means, and how to best take advantage of this new mobile feature.

#What is Stations?

Stations will allow SoundCloud users to discover tracks they can’t find anywhere else, letting them tune in, sit back, and discover. It takes SoundCloud’s previous Related Tracks feature a step further by simplifying the functionality and making the recommendations even better.

#How does it work?

A station can be created using any track, search term, content stream or your Collection. Pull up the menu from any one of those four and select the “Start Station” option. SoundCloud will pull from the 100 million plus tracks on the platform to bring consumers an endless stream of awesome audio.

Stations can be accessed at any time via your Collection, along with Likes and Playlists.

#How do you get your music heard on stations?

Make sure all of your music is #tagged appropriately as it relates to broader definitions rather than favoring the niche. So if you’re making 90’s Miami Acid Trance, consider throwing in #edm, or #trance in there to make it more relevant within search.

A good tagging tactic is to look to the newly added SoundCloud Charts and make sure that the genres that are the most similar to your music are on your track’s tags. It’s a great starting point as those are the genre’s SoundCloud has specifically chosen to be the highest performing for the platform.

Writer: Jeff Ponchick
Category: Announcements
Date: February 02, 2016