Spotify Playlist Pitching


Repost Network is proud to announce that we have just launched a brand new feature to help you grow your audience, get discovered, and increase your revenue. You can now pitch your music for official Spotify featured playlist consideration! Getting your must onto these playlists is a great way to help push your artistic career to the next level in terms of exposure and revenue.


You can find the “Spotify Playlist” tab in your dashboard where you will be able to submit one track to each playlist of your choice once a month (we have the entire catalogue of Spotify’s featured playlists for you to select and search from). The process is pretty simple and we encourage everyone to take advantage! Keep in mind you must distribute the release to Spotify through Repost, and please advise that there is no guarantee in your track getting picked up.


To better your chances of getting selected to be on a featured Spotify playlist, we recommend you cater your pitch to something that fits your genre or vibe. We also highly recommend you customize your pitch to highlight some marketing and bio aspects about you. It helps us pitch you with more confidence if you include details such as any big social media followings, upcoming gigs, campaigns, etc.

As you grow your following, you can get Spotify verified as well:

And also check out more useful info for Spotify Artists here:

Good luck and we hope to see your tunes on Spotify and getting heard by audiences around the globe!


Writer: Jeff Ponchick
Category: Announcements
Date: July 13, 2016