You can now change your Spotify Artist Profile images directly on Spotify

Spotify has now released a feature that was once unavailable: you can now customize the look of your Spotify Artist Profile directly in-app on your desktop!

This simple but powerful feature, will launch an image selector within the Spotify app, all you need to do is get set up with Spotify’s Fan Insights.


This platform is accessible to artists and artist managers that provides crucial insight into Spotify performance. To sign up for it check out this link. Once you are approved you can change your images and tweak your profile to look professional and eye-catching.


In addition, Spotify has also released a feature where you can download your Fan insights data as different files formats (.csv, spreadsheet, etc.) for your own use.

Distribute your music through Repost, pitch it to Spotify playlists, and now customize it just like your SoundCloud profile :)

Get set up here:

Team Repost

Writer: Jeff Ponchick
Category: Announcements
Date: August 03, 2016