VEVO Specs & Best Practices


As a part of the Repost Network we can help you obtain a VEVO channel. It is extremely important that you follow VEVO’s Standards for upload, otherwise it could delay your release.

File Naming Convention:

No spaces or special characters ( : ! # , @ $ % ? “ ‘ & *) to precede extension only.

File Upload Conventions:

  • Compression Type: H.264
  • File Format: .mov or .mp4
  • Dimensions: 1920x1080. Note: 16:9 and 4:3 are preferred aspect ratios. Providing alternate aspect ratios risks letterboxing, scaling and stretching of content to fit target aspect rations.
  • Frame Rate: Minimum 29.97 fps (preferred) or higher.
  • Bit Rate: We recommend that you restrict your video bitrate to a minimum of 24mb/s. This will help you cut down on file size, lengthy encoding, exporting and file transfer times. Bit Rate should not exceed 50mb/s. File must be de-Interlaced (Please, No Interlacing) What is interlacing? ->
  • Multi-pass encoding is recommended, but not required. Please export all encodes using Compressor or Quicktime. We cannot support editing program artifacts such as “edit lists” or “zero offsets” embedded in the files.
  • Do not send anamorphic content. All content display and pixel aspect ratios should be the same.
  • Do not include front or end slates (displaying metadata), title or end cards, bars and tones, etc.

Audio Conventions:

  • Format: AAC
  • Channels: Stereo (L R)
  • Sample Rate: 44.100 kHz
  • Bit Rate: 320 kbps CBR

Video Content Conventions:

The following promo materials are NOT OK to include in your video:

  • Cards/Slates that appear at the beginning of the video
  • Cards/Slates that appear at the end of the video for more than 3 seconds (total)
  • Burned in logos
  • Brand/Product Logos/text that could be considered an “Ad” or endorsement that would conflict with the Ads VEVO and YouTube serve.


  • Chyrons & Lower Thirds
  • Months/Dates/Year callouts
  • URLs, Twitter Handles, Instagram Handles
  • Digital/Physical retail or DSP callouts/buttons
  • End Cards for the purpose of YouTube Annotations

Note: Repost may (at any time, for any documented or undocumented reason) reject, issue deletes and/or ask you to remove content that:

  • Does not meet Vevo’s required tech specs
  • Takes away from a premium music video experience
  • Violates VEVO’s guidelines and policy
  • Violates YouTube’s Terms Of Service
Writer: Jeff Ponchick
Category: Announcements
Date: October 06, 2016