Monetize your track on SoundCloud from play one

by Jeff Ponchick in Announcements March 08, 2017

Hello Repost family,

We’ve noticed a huge update on SoundCloud’s end that allows you to monetize your music from play one on SoundCloud. All it takes is a few steps and a bit of advanced notice.

You can upload a track on private, monetize it ahead of time AND schedule the track to go live while still maintaining the fresh, brand new timestamp and feed placement.

With these 4 recommended steps you can now monetize from play one and not lose your first spot in the feed:

Upload your track

Upload your track to SoundCloud and use the scheduler tool to make it go public at least one week later. This can be found in the “Availability Tab” upon upload.

Upload to SoundCloud

Monetize the track

Log into the Repost dashboard and monetize the private upload.

Wait for monetization to clear

Shortly thereafter, your private track will clear for monetization. You can confirm that it’s monetized when you see a blue $ symbol next to the track.

Monetized SoundCloud Track

Wait for track to go live

The track will go live on your scheduled date. It will be monetized from play one and at the top of the feed.