Getting More Plays on SoundCloud Tips and Tricks

As one of the leading monetization networks for SoundCloud, we often get asked what are the best ways to increase exposure around a given release on the platform. So we thought we would take a moment or two to compile some of our thoughts and favorite tools so you can be best armed to get added exposure and revenue for your tracks.

Start a Crew:

First off, this video about Team Supreme should be mandatory viewing. It’s about one of the most epic electronic music collectives, their rise to power, and the success some of the artists found later. It has some great perspectives as well as tricks on how to make it out there on SoundCloud and getting heard beyond the platform.

Almost literally taken from this video is the notion that you need to start a crew. Because then you are not out there pushing your music alone, but will have 10+ people helping to promote you.

There’s a theory out there, that if you were to pick your 10 best friends and compare each other’s household incomes to one another that you would fall directly in the middle. So you would have the median income. When you are out there assembling your crew try to be in the middle with regards to playcounts, followers etc. Be in a place where your numbers or influence can help others but there are some others in the same crew that push you to get to their level.

Lock down you repost game with SC Planner:

The SoundCloud game is all about reposts. On SoundCloud a “repost” is the same action as an upload in the feed so you want to be sure to be getting as many reposts as you can in front of the audiences you want to reach. Some repost groups exist on places like Facebook, or some closed groups will go as far to create a shared calendar in which everyone will alternate reposting each others content in order to keep playcounts up and the music fresh.

The ultimate tool for scheduling reposts is SCPlanner. Here you can schedule out an entire month’s worth of reposts with you and your friends.

It also has a Trade Hub in which you can schedule and share reposts with people in the community you likely don’t know to boost exposure. The key however is to not go repost crazy as to dilute your audience, you want to be sure to be making repost trades with like minded collective, label, and artist channels.

Follow for Download Gates:

As the name would suggest, a common strategy is to give away your music for free download in exchange for a follow on SoundCloud. Hip-hop artist Chamillionaire was the first to pioneer this tactic prior to follow for download tech even existed. His idea = Give away your music for free in exchange for an email. Cham was able to eventually build such a huge email list that whenever he put out the next song, he could guarantee success because he had amassed such a huge following. The result, every major label wanted to sign him!

Services like, or Stereoload allow you to offer up a free download in exchange for a follow on your channel. Much like Chamillionare’s example, this makes it so the next track you put out will theoretically do better because you’ll have boosted your follower count.

Some follow for download gates allow you to collect followers across various stores and social channels, collect emails, or even gift exclusive content. This has become a must do for building an audience on SoundCloud.

Learn more about Chamillionaire and his digital marketing tactics here.

SoundCloud Charts:

This one is simple. Make sure your tags in your song is identical to whichever chart on SoundCloud you want to chart within. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen a track blow up but because the only tag on the track is something like Pizza Pappy it doesn’t make it into the charts. Believe it or not, something as simple as tagging your song “electronic” can make a HUGE difference in its success should you find yourself fortunate enough to have charted on SoundCloud.

The featured profile tab allows you to cross-promote between your channel and several others. This, which is a tool you can only get through an entity like Repost Network, allows you to feature your friends, labels, collectives, podcast channels, you name it!

Those are just a few tips and tricks. The key thing to note is it is a community out there. So build or join a squad, promote each other’s music, but most of all learn your craft and make the best music you humanly can. After all, good music will promote itself!

Writer: Andy Groke
Category: SoundCloud
Date: April 04, 2017