SubmitHub Best Practices (for Artists)

Trying to increase your chances of being picked up by a music blog? Looking to get more of your music into the hands of more people? Using SubmitHub – a platform dedicated to bringing your music to others – aspiring artists can submit their tracks to music blogs, SoundCloud, and YouTube channels to increase their likelihood of getting coverage. With our four tips, we can help you stand out on SubmitHub.

One of the first things that should be seen on your SubmitHub account are your links to your various profiles: SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, etc. Make sure to include these so that reviewers can access your entire catalog. Without them, you’re limiting the reviewer to just your content from SubmitHub.

2. Don’t Submit Unfinished Pieces

When you’re submitting your tracks, make sure it’s the finished project. You never want to submit the same track twice. It’ll make you look unprofessional and no one wants that written on a music blog.

3. YouTube Music Submissions

If your submission is a YouTube track, make sure the artwork on the video is finished and clean. Likewise, if you have a music video accompanying your track, ensure it catches the eyes of the viewer and enhances your image as an artist.

4. Sign up for a Premium Account

By signing up for a premium SubmitHub account, you’ll get access to premium submissions and other special features. This will make your music preferred over others and sets you up to stand out among the rest.

Music blogs and channels want to hear your voice. Keep making your sound heard by following our four steps to success on SubmitHub.

Writer: Garrett Gomez
Category: Announcements
Date: May 30, 2017