Trap Music Tuesday: Week 1

This is Trap Music Tuesday, where Repost Network brings you the latest and greatest from our trap artists. If you’re looking for some hard hitting, smash Trap bangers, then this is your place. Take a look at this week’s top 3 Trap songs.

Ray Volpe hails from Charlotte, NC, and has some of the hottest trap music on Spotify and SoundCloud. Check out one of his bangers below.

“Grave” by Westline carries a unique tone as he shifts between moods on this one. It reminds us of the Halo soundtrack. Thoughts?

Our last trap hit for today comes from Dumboy and Juke Ellington. Aptly titled, “TRAPLIFE,” this track needs no further explanation.

Thanks for joining us on our first Trap Music Tuesday. We’ll see you here next week.

Writer: Garrett Gomez
Category: Trap Music Tuesday
Date: June 06, 2017