The Most Important Tip for SoundCloud Uploads

by Garrett Gomez in SoundCloud June 06, 2017

If you’re having trouble with the quality of your uploads on SoundCloud, we may have the solution for you. Typically you would think that once your track is uploaded, everything would turn out exactly as you hear it on your own device. However, when you listen to your track you may find that the quality has fallen off. The problem isn’t your speakers or software, it could be the compression technique from SoundCloud.

When uploading a WAV file, you aim to increase the quality of your tune for your audience. This would normally work, but SoundCloud – in an attempt to save bandwidth – transcodes your WAV file into a smaller, more compressed format. In this scenario, a 128kbps MP3. This is what SoundCloud has to say on the matter:

Please be aware that we transcode all tracks to 128kbps mp3 for streaming playback. When you make your track downloadable, however, this allows your listeners to download your track in the same format you uploaded it in, without any additional transcoding.

In order to fix this, all you need to do is upload a 320kbps MP3 to prevent SoundCloud from compressing your music. Don’t worry about trying to upload a WAV straight to SoundCloud, since you will lose the quality. Your 320kbps upload will still stream in 128, but it will retain the quality of your sound.

The easiest way to convert your WAV track is to put it in iTunes and then click edit and then convert. Remember to change the default settings from AAC to MP3.

Happy uploading!