Promoting Your Music on Pandora

Promoting your music on Pandora is key to increasing your fan base and generating more traction as an artist. Luckily, Pandora created unique tools to help you market yourself more effectively. One of these tools is the personalized audio message, the other, a featured tracks application. However, there are some criteria that have to be met before you get started.

First, you have to (1) have your music available on Pandora and (2) establish an AMP (Artist Marketing Platform) account with Pandora. If you don’t have an AMP account, you can do that here. Make sure you establish the AMP account early, since it can take up to 6 weeks for the account creation to follow through.

Once you have your AMP profile, you can create a campaign in your dashboard to market your music on Pandora. There are two primary methods for marketing yourself on Pandora. The first way you can do this is through the personalized audio message mentioned previously, also known as AMPcast, while the other method is to generate spins via Featured Tracks.


Speaking with your audience is an effective and personal way to enter the lives of your listeners. To take advantage of the personalized audio messages, you should include information about your upcoming tours and releases. Make the messages intimate, so your fans and new listeners can see where you are coming from. Don’t shy away from shameless self-promotion here, your fans want to get know you more than you might think.

Featured Tracks

Featured tracks are meant to speed up the discovery process on Pandora. This tool allows for more listeners to access your music faster. However, there are three important requirements for a featured track:

  1. Was first spun on Pandora within the last 365 days

  2. Number of spins is not remarkably high (otherwise there is no benefit from being featured)

  3. Track must not have been featured before

If these requirements are satisfied, then you’re set to make a featured track. The best time to do this during the release of a new single, video, or tour kickoff. You can keep tabs on how well you’re doing since Pandora supplies the metrics to keep tabs on your featured tracks, allowing you to see Total Listeners, Total Spins, Thumb Ratio, and Buy Clicks.

With AMPcast and Featured Tracks, you will be able to market yourself to a broader audience on Pandora and increase your number of spins.

Writer: Garrett Gomez
Category: Announcements
Date: June 12, 2017