Fresh Music Friday: Week 5

by Garrett Gomez in Fresh Music Friday June 28, 2017

It’s figgity figgity Fresh Music Friday. Bringing you that wholesome music goodness that excites your taste buds and makes you go hm hm hm. So grab your cutlery, we’re diving in for dinner.

Rad Cat is the starter course. A delicious electronic track that fills our stomachs with small bolts of lightning. What would we do “without u”?

For the entree, we have a solid content platter. GUNS is a pop concept album aimed at one of the most controversial and widely debated issues in America. Created by Braxton Molinaro and Jonathan Sokolow, this album is best served hot.

And coming up on a sturdy plate for dessert, is Cdot Honcho. A Hip-Hop extraordinaire who takes lyricism and hard beats to another level.

Thanks for joining us at the dinner table this Fresh Music Friday.