Featured Profile and Banner Click Throughs Discontinued

Unfortunately due to ongoing changes occurring at SoundCloud, the platform cannot continue to maintain the popular offerings known as featured profiles and banner click throughs.

If you are not familiar, featured profiles (above) allowed artists to create a tab that let one to cross promote to other channels. Banner click throughs enabled the banner space to click through to a website or store thus allowing for cross promotion between platforms

What does this mean for you as a Repost Network member? For one, It means that the banner click through and featured profiles tabs will be removed in the Repost Dashboard. Other than this removal, your Dashboard will remain the same, user-friendly place it has always been. Content protection and monetization will still be widely available.

This is not the first popular feature to be removed from the platform as Track Artwork was discontinued almost exactly one year last July

Writer: Garrett Gomez
Category: Announcements
Date: July 10, 2017