Waze and Spotify Integration Debuts on iOS

Earlier this year, Spotify and Waze announced a partnership to put Spotify playlists right within the Waze app. Now, the team-up has made its way to iOS. The new integration added a number of direct Spotify features directly inside the Waze app and vice versa.

Waze users can now navigate to their destination inside the Spotify app on iOS, and also allows access to Spotify playlists from the Waze app when navigating. Users can skip tracks, play, pause, and much more. When the vehicle is stopped, you can tap to switch between the apps directly.

Your music from Spotify will autoplay on the Waze app once you link your account. Likewise, users can also browse their playlists – but as per usual in the name of Waze’s safety protocols, only at a complete stop.

Now, users won’t have to leave Waze to manage their music while navigating as long as they’re using Spotify.

Writer: Garrett Gomez
Category: Announcements
Date: September 18, 2017