How to Protect Your Intellectual Property Rights on Spotify

If users are illegally claiming your images, songs, or content as their own, you can get it taken down internally with Spotify. That’s one of the beauties of copyright law.

Spotify’s Copyright policy is robust, which is great for artists and users alike. These are the three simple steps you need to follow if your copyright has been infringed upon.

1. Documentation

Document the alleged copyright infringement, and include as much detail as possible. Spotify has to verify the facts and circumstances so they get it right the first time.

2. Verification

Include specifics. A physical or electronic signature of the owner is necessary in order to verify the copyright holder.

3. Submission

Know whether your claim is about user-generated images or intellectual property rights. Spotify has two distinct methods for each, so make sure you use the correct one.

You can follow this Spotify link to access the procedure for infringement claims and this one for more information about Spotify’s copyright policy.

Writer: Garrett Gomez
Category: Announcements
Date: September 24, 2017