New SoundCloud Playlist Stats Connect Creators and Curators

For creators, stats are essential. They help them improve their next releases and uncover what their audiences love the most about them. Now, stats are going to get even better.

SoundCloud is introducing a new playlist stat, which offers all creators even more ways to understand where their plays are coming from and the people behind them. This new stat is available on the web and on SoundCloud Pulse.

It will detail who’s sharing tracks in a playlist, and how many plays are being generated from the playlist. This means that creators featured in playlists on SoundCloud can gain insight into their music connections and engage more easily with the curator community on the platform.

Check out the new stats visual below. It includes a ranked list of playlists a track is featured on and the total number of plays. The module is available on SoundCloud Pulse, and for free on iOS and Android.

In addition to this new playlist stat, SoundCloud also rolled out a fresh visual experience for stats on the web. All creators, including SoundCloud Pro or Pro Unlimited users, will have a better stats management experience. The interface is much more intuitive and visual.

The expansion of stats gathering helps creators at all levels in their careers. SoundCloud’s latest efforts in this direction are greatly appreciated.

Writer: Garrett Gomez
Category: Announcements
Date: October 06, 2017