YouTube Art Tracks now available through Repost Network

Art Tracks are static image videos on YouTube that are regarded as the official audio-only version of a sound recording on YouTube. As such, these Art Tracks generally achieve a higher revenue per play than user-uploaded YouTube videos. The purpose of Art Tracks is to provide fans with a complete sound recording catalog for an artist on YouTube as not every song released by an artist will get an official music video. Art Tracks are auto-generated videos created upon delivery of the official artwork for a release (and its accompanying metadata such as artist name and track name) and the audio track by a record label or music distributor.

Art tracks are placed on auto-generated Topic Channels that video contain content related to that particular artist. The Art Track videos are also ported over to Official Artist YouTube Channels (non-VEVO) on YouTube and in YouTube search results for that artist to increase discovery of the official audio of a particular sound recording or album on YouTube.

In the YouTube mobile app or YouTube Music app, art tracks are highly desirable to fans who wish to use YouTube as a music streaming service and listen to whole playlists or albums without having to navigate.

Here’s how to enable Repost Network to deliver your music as Art Tracks on YouTube:

When setting up distribution of your next song or album via the Repost Network dashboard, navigate to the View Release tab of your Repost Network dashboard. There you will find all of our distribution options such as Apple Music, Pandora Plus and Spotify. There is also now a button for YouTube. Simply click the + button next to YouTube on this page and this will notify us to also deliver your songs as Art Tracks to YouTube.

Category: Announcements
Date: November 06, 2017