SoundCloud Adds Algorithmic Sources Insights

SoundCloud continues to make it easier for artists to grow their audiences. With the addition of a new stat, algorithmic play insights, creators will receive more insights into their audiences and music plays.

Plays from algorithmic sources enable creators to see where their tracks are receiving plays from SoundCloud’s algorithmic recommendation features: Related Tracks, Stations, and The Upload. These three features provide algorithmic recommendations to promote tracks to listeners who SoundCloud believes will be a fan of the creator.

The new stat is available on the web and on SoundCloud Pulse. Check out what it looks like on the new stats module below.

As SoundCloud continues to provide more data for creators as to where plays are coming from on the platform, this new addition will help artists discern which listeners are discovering and playing their tracks. This new stat also follows the recent updates to SoundCloud’s stats on Pulse and on the web platform.

Writer: Garrett Gomez
Category: SoundCloud
Date: November 24, 2017