Op-Ed: Living For and From Your Passion

At Repost Network, we strive to make the best application for our users, and be the best team to support you and your needs. We always appreciate your feedback, and at times, it can be entirely uplifting to our team. Bessam Witwit, known as Besomorph, is a 24 year old Trap & Hip Hop producer from Germany. He reached out to us, and wanted to share his experience with Repost with you all: the Repost community.

Hi Repost Users!

“As most of you know, it is pretty difficult to make a living as an independent artist, especially if you do not have another source of income. I have struggled a lot, and know many people were against my decision to make a living from music – but I kept on going. I always believed in the mindset of following your passion and doing what you love. How else would it make sense to live?

“At a certain point, I started gaining attention on social media and music platforms, but I was still unable to make money. I started to become downcast when a friend recommended me to Repost Network which had just started in 2015. After taking a closer look, it seemed almost too perfect to be true. I was still a little uncertain if I could be making money from music, but I gave it a try.

“When I received my first royalty payout, I was happily surprised by how easy it was to get paid monetizing my tracks across different platforms. Additionally, the Repost team always helped me. They were highly communicative and provided excellent service.

“Now, two years later, Repost Network continues to play a huge part in my life as artist. They are adding more features, and continue to grow rapidly. I am glad to have been a part of Repost since the early days, otherwise I might have missed out on potential profit. I am looking forward to many bright years of positive collaboration with Repost Network.

“If you follow your passion, follow your heart, and do what you love, then all else will follow. Just remember that you might need some help along the way!

Writer: Garrett Gomez
Category: Op-Ed
Date: March 26, 2018