Everything You Need to Know About SCPlanner

SCPlanner is a dashboard and community site which has built automation and data tools around uploading, scheduling, reposting, and playlist placement on platforms such as SoundCloud and Spotify. SCPlanner has become the go-to marketing tool kit for labels such as Disciple Records, Run the Trap, Artist Union, and some of the other largest brands in electronic music. With this guide, we’ll teach you everything SCPlanner has to offer and how best to use it.

Essential Tools – The Hub

With SCPlanner, you can connect all your SoundCloud channels in one place to build your network plan reposts, likes, comments, and unreposts. You can also manage all of your Spotify playlists with one click.

The Hub is the core feature of SCPlanner. It helps you connect with the community and exchange “reposts for reposts.” Another great aspect of SCPlanner is that it doesn’t allow users to cancel reposts after the offer has been accepted, meaning that users are guaranteed the reposts they are owed.

Essential Tools – Scheduling

The auto schedule algorithm scans your calendar and selects the best time frames for reposts. It’s a customizable feature which can be catered toward your own preferences such as reposts per day, time frame, and spacing. You can also schedule all your reposts manually at any time you choose.

Likewise, the Calendar that SCPlanner generates is easily shareable. It allows you to send a link to the people you owe reposts. This is unavailable on other scheduling platforms.

Essential Tools – Scoreboard

By adding new SoundCloud channels to your SCPlanner profile, you can increase your network size. When your network is larger, you can arrange into groups to increase productivity. For instance, you could group your channels by genre, or by artist groups.

The Scoreboard keeps track of all users in the community. Is your network in the top 100 most influencing of the week?

Check out our YouTube video for more information on how to get the most out of SCPlanner.

Writer: Garrett Gomez
Category: Announcements
Date: June 14, 2018