Commenting Feature is Back on SoundCloud Mobile

As of today, SoundCloud has relaunched their commenting feature for their mobile users and it’s better than ever.

What’s it all about?

This new addition to the mobile app allows both artists and their fans to place comments on any part of a track they’re listening to. Additionally, users can now reply to comments from others, simply by tapping the comment and filling out a response. Artists have maximum control over their comment section and are able to manage these comments themselves. This new experience has both creators and consumers hyped for a number of reasons.

How will this affect artists?

Creators in particular are very excited for this new commenting feature because it gives them direct access to feedback and interaction from their listeners. It’s very important to artists that they’re able to connect with their fan base, and find out whether or not people appreciate their latest content.

In response to SoundCloud’s commenting addition, popular Hip-Hop artist DRAM states, “I have been so appreciative for what SoundCloud has done for current music to this day. And the fact that [SoundCloud is] gonna add comments on mobile? That’s lit!… It’s instant feedback.” Artists have also expressed that reading supportive responses on their music is an amazing feeling. “It just makes you go harder because you see all of your supporters commenting on it [your track], and I like that it’s right there” says musical artist Fat Nick (The SoundCloud Blog). This update will without a doubt go a long way for any artist interacting with the application.

SoundCloud continues to prove to its users why it is currently the most social music platform, and this new commenting tool successfully adds to the company’s credibility. All mobile SoundCloud users will be able to update their app today, so don’t forget to try out the new feature for yourself!

Writer: Bo Turner
Category: Announcements
Date: August 07, 2018