Welcome to the New Repost Platform Beta

Every artist deserves the best experience possible when distributing, promoting, and protecting their music. Our current platform has been a great help, but we felt like we could bring a better foundation to serve our artists and label partners even better.

Announcing our new platform

Today, we are releasing the beta for the new Repost dashboard! To check it out, click here, or look for the opt-in button at the top right of the current platform.

All the features you love

Monetize your SoundCloud tracks, distribute albums to stores, pitch to Spotify playlists, check your earnings, and more. You can do all the same things you once could on the current platform, but now it is faster and easier to use.

Optimized as heck

The new platform is super slick. There’s less loading, less cruft, and more getting to business. Even while looking sharp, the backend of the new platform will allow our engineers to make new features much more quickly.

Giving artists control

At Repost, we understand that distribution is not one-size-fits-all; every music platform is unique in how content is monetized. With that in mind, over the last 3 years we’ve built robust tools around the platforms artists care most about. However, we’ve noticed that our dashboard has gotten a little busy. So, we decided to streamline things.

The new dashboard is a collection of custom, stand-alone apps. There are apps for everything an independent artist needs to thrive: monetization, distribution, promotion and more. This new structure not only makes monetizing and promoting content easier than ever before, it gives our engineers a solid foundation on which to continue building new tools and features.

Give us some feedback!

While you’re trying out the new beta, be sure to give us some feedback! You can send us messages by clicking the live chat icon in the bottom right of the page. The new platform is still super new, and we really appreciate any feedback you can give us. Not ready to move over quite yet? You can still go back to the old platform by clicking the “Back to Old Repost” button.

Writer: Max Bendick
Category: Announcements
Date: August 20, 2018