Dubset Now Accessible in Repost Network Dashboard

If you’re a Repost Network artist who’s interested in making some extra money off your remixed tracks, it’s now finally possible. As of recently Repost Network has an official partnership with Dubset that will allow all of your released music to be remixed, and most importantly the money that the track produces will circulate back to you!

What is Dubset?

Dubset offers “DJs, rights holders, and music services a way to easily license, distribute, and generate new royalties for mixes & remixes.” In simpler terms, they’re a tech company that provides a virtual marketplace of songs that artists can legally remix. Dubset has obtained licensing deals with major name companies such as Sony Music, Sony/ATV Music Publishing, the National Music Publishers’ Association, the Merlin Network, and now YOU! By securing these deals, they’re allowing their users to bypass all the legal mess that remixers have always despised and get their tracks released without any legal troubles. For more information about the company, feel free to visit their “About” page on the official website by clicking here. And if you’re any bit interested in getting your own remixes legitimized, click here to be directed to the MixBANK feature within Dubset.

What is their connection with Repost Network?

Dubset will become an extremely valuable tool now that it’s present in the Repost Network dashboard. All clients of Repost will have their released content automatically added to the pool of songs that can be remixed. And the exciting part is that the right-holders (aka the Repost clients) will receive revenues from the royalties generated from others’ remixed tracks. That means another valuable source of revenue coming from your music!

The innovation that Dubset brings to the table is going to go a long way for artists of Repost Network. Now, even more of the money that your track produces will get back to you. Just like how it should.

Writer: Bo Turner
Category: Announcements
Date: August 24, 2018