Muzooka Gets Artists the Royalties They Deserve

In today’s music industry it’s nearly impossible to collect even a fraction of the money that artists really make for themselves - especially within the aspect of live performance. As an artist you should be receiving a portion of revenue every time you play music that you wrote in a public venue. Unfortunately, today’s system doesn’t really work like that. Performance Rights Organizations (PROs) really only focus on collecting for the small percentage of top earners in the music industry. This leaves most of the cuts for artist revenue unclaimed or inaccurate without the respective artist even knowing. But there are companies out there that care for your every dollar, and Muzooka is one of those companies.

What is Muzooka?

Muzooka is a well established music company with multiple services. They describe themselves as “the trusted industry standard for artists and their teams to manage their media assets across multiple platforms, and to report their setlists to performing rights organizations worldwide for proper distribution of live performance royalties.” If you’re interested in exploring the company’s official page for yourself, feel free to visit their website by clicking here.  

Claiming live performance royalties

To go more in depth with their multiple abilities, one of Muzooka’s primary focuses is giving artists an easy way to claim their live performance royalties. The company has worked to create partnerships with several PROs around the world. Muzooka is currently live with SOCAN in Canada and Buma/Stemra in The Netherlands, with many other partnerships to be announced soon in the US and across Europe. The company utilizes these relationships to bring in a stream of revenue for their clients that usually goes untouched. Any time an artist plays their music in a live setting they can submit the setlist to their PRO, which distributes money back to the writers and publishers associated with the compositions. It’s a system that very much comes in handy for any live performer. But ensuring performance royalties for clients isn’t their only service.

Managing profile information made easy

Muzooka also gives artists and their teams a way to manage photos, videos, social links, and biographies across a multitude of music industry platforms. The company partners with ticketing companies, festivals, radio platforms, and many other businesses to make sure that the assets of artists are accurate and up to date everywhere they’re being hosted. Artists are able to access their own account within the website dashboard and upload their personal profile information manually for maximum control. Muzooka really makes the user’s ability to update their information smooth and easy across all performance platforms.

Muzooka provides a set of tools that will no doubt benefit any performer in today’s music industry. In the world we live in today it really is difficult to collect every dollar that an artist works tirelessly to earn. That’s why we think it’s so important to chase everything you’re making, and when working with companies like Muzooka that chase becomes much easier.

Writer: Bo Turner
Category: Announcements
Date: August 30, 2018