SoundCloud Now Introducing Their Own Version of Discover Weekly

Spotify and Apple Music’s algorithmic playlists have been consistently providing their subscribers with music they love, and it’s proven to be beneficial for both the consumers that listen and the artists that are promoted. Now yet another platform will be able to provide its users with the same luxury after they roll out their new update. SoundCloud has just recently announced their latest major addition: SoundCloud Weekly.

SoundCloud’s platform currently contains approximately 180 million songs available for listening. Just think about how many of these tracks you haven’t heard, but could be perfect for your music library. SoundCloud Weekly makes it much easier for you to explore the many songs meant for you by creating playlists of songs personalized to YOUR music taste. By evaluating your song likes, reposts, shares, and other track interactions, the platform is able to generate a personalized playlist filled with songs that are similar to those in your rotation. This algorithmic playlist unique to your account is updated every Monday for a new rotation of music every week. Feel free to watch famous rapper Desiigner’s more entertaining takes on the new update, all linked below.

SoundCloud Weekly is like: Diamonds

SoundCloud Weekly is like: Planet Earth

SoundCloud Weekly is like: Honey

SoundCloud Weekly will not only provide users with music tailored to their personal taste but it will expose listeners to newer, underground artists that they might not be familiar with. Consequently SoundCloud Weekly presents a perfect opportunity for artists to promote their music and expand their current fan and listener base. You can access your SoundCloud Weekly playlist by visiting the top of your homepage on the mobile application, or by clicking the discover tab on the SoundCloud webpage.

Writer: Bo Turner
Category: Announcements
Date: September 11, 2018