Getting the Most Out of Playlist Pitching on Spotify

Earlier this year Spotify introduced its new method of pitching to official Spotify curated playlists, which opened up a huge door for artists and their ability to promote their own music. Here are some tips to help you as an artist get the most out of this new tool that Spotify has blessed its users with.

Clean Up Your Profile

First things first, your profile should convey a sense of professionalism and your overall success before you begin submitting. Make sure that your Spotify bio is generally short and straight to the point, yet engaging. You should also be very thoughtful while choosing the images on your profile to make sure they are reflective of your music and are as captivating as possible.

Social Media

If you have even a generally decent following on your social media, sprinkling a bit of self promo here and there could produce more activity on your profile and make it easier to land a playlist. Don’t be afraid to mention your music on personal accounts!

Third Party Playlisting

Finding third party playlists for your tracks could be extremely time consuming and difficult, but could serve as eventual gateways to official Spotify playlists. The more third party playlists you secure, the better chances you have of being noticed by Spotify’s editorial team.

Pre-Save Campaigns

Pre-saves are another great method for increasing your chances in landing a Spotify playlist. Creating a pre-save for an upcoming song will allow your fans to automatically have the track added to their library, even before it is released. You can create these pre-save widgets using sites like and smartURL. Having a few successful campaigns could greatly affect how you are considered after your Spotify playlist submission.

Landing Blogs

Believe it or not blogs still bring in publicity for artists, and are efficient for eventually landing Spotify curated playlists. Landing a feature on a blog post requires A LOT of reaching out and establishing relationships with owners, but the goal is very much attainable.

Writer: Bo Turner
Category: Announcements
Date: September 19, 2018