SoundCloud Tracks Tab is Now Sorted by Release Date

A few days ago SoundCloud rolled out an update that will have its users very much pleased: the “Tracks” tab is finally organized by release date!

Manual Uploads

Any track that was manually uploaded will now be organized by the date it was made public within SoundCloud’s “Tracks” tab. The same organization is applied to the “All” as well as the “Streams” tab.

Supply Train Tracks

As for the tracks that were delivered through a distributor or a label to a direct feed, the “Tracks”, “All”, and “Streams” tabs will now be organized by time of release. Regarding these tracks, SoundCloud will use the earliest original release dates for that ISRC found on the platform.

Although a fairly simple improvement, it will no doubt make navigating SoundCloud much easier and more efficient for all of its users. Go ahead and try out the new update for yourself!

Writer: Bo Turner
Category: Announcements
Date: September 27, 2018