Spotify Launches Educational Event Series for Artists

Being an independent artist can be extremely difficult in today’s industry, as you’re expected to handle a lot on your own - promoting your music, negotiating deals, booking shows - it’s a lot of responsibility that just becomes overwhelming. How are you supposed to master so many fields of work without knowing exactly how? Well Spotify is hosting something that should make things a lot easier for people facing this issue…

Spotify has recently announced that it will be holding a Co.Lab event series addressing how artists should make sense of the many responsibilities that come with being a musician. Specifically they’ll be hosting a number of workshops aimed at topics such as touring, designing merchandise, handling new releases, accessing revenue streams, and finding different collaborators. All of the workshops are occurring from October 16th to November 13th, located in either Los Angeles or New York. Those eligible for these events must be verified Spotify artists and must be 21 or older (also keep in mind Spotify is prioritizing artists with at least 1K following). If interested in attending these helpful gatherings, please visit their official site here.

Hearing that Spotify is now helping artists in understanding the many aspects of the music industry is great news. Offering guidance to the many artists on their platform is a step in the right direction and offers a great opportunity for the people involved. Spotify continues to bring its platform into a direction centered around community and appealing to its users. To all artists interested in attending these workshops - Good luck!

Writer: Bo Turner
Category: Announcements
Date: September 27, 2018