Pandora Now Publicly Sharing Artist Data Through Next Big Sound

Just a few days ago, popular streaming platform Pandora opened up all artist data for public access. Anybody with a subscription to Next Big Sound (a music analytics service that Pandora acquired in 2015) is able to view a large variety of statistics relating to any given artist distributing onto Pandora.

What We’re Able to See

With this Next Big Sound account you’re able to view any analytic relating to the artist’s audience. This means streaming numbers, any growth or decline in activity, and number of unique listeners. You’re also able to view the audience engagement of any artist on Pandora. This includes how many likes, skips, or other engagements that listeners may perform while listening to your music.

Weekly streaming numbers are visible for each of your individual songs on the platform. The application will display your percentage of change in streams on a weekly basis, and also total number of streams since the song’s release date.

Reach statistics are also available for public viewing. Any time a listener saves your artist radio station, searches for your specific song, or actively listens to your music, it is recorded and measured over time. Your social media engagements and following is additionally tied to Next Big Sound and is shown for the public to see. People are now able to notice whether you’re growing or declining in popularity based on Pandora and social media. Yikes.

This new release of information is big news. Pandora is definitely attempting to grow their platform’s relevance in the music industry by making artist info available for public analysis. Marketers, journalists, and any other position in need of analytics will most likely turn to Next Big Sound for quality, in-depth statistics regarding music popularity. Because Pandora now offers their information to the public through Next Big Sound, they have established a new feature not quite available on other competing services. What is Pandora’s next step in competing with the major streaming platforms?

Writer: Bo Turner
Category: Announcements
Date: October 02, 2018