Facebook Introduces Premieres: Pre-Recorded Videos as Live Events

Facebook has just rolled out a game-changing new feature that a lot of you might be utilizing in the near future. All pages are now able to post their own pre-recorded videos as live events for their followers and page-viewers to see!

Now artists that release video content have a GREAT way to engage with their fans and followers. You can display your next music video, live performance, or any other pre-recorded video on your page where fans are able to interact with you as if it were a livestream. Facebook accounts are additionally able to schedule video premieres on their page up to a week in advance. Scheduling your content creates a “virtual staging ground” on your page, where followers are able to request event reminders and share the upcoming event with other users. Not to mention the build of suspense it creates for your video’s launch time…

Artists and creators are now given the opportunity to strengthen their fan base by creating live audiences, as well as release content through a specific viewing window. And fans now have the ability to experience quality video content all while conversing and interacting with one another in a real-time scenario. To see more, click HERE for Facebook’s instructional video on how to use their new feature. Repost artist - we recommend taking advantage of Facebook’s new update as it could really pay off!

Writer: Bo Turner
Category: Announcements
Date: October 10, 2018