What Does Apple's Purchase of Acaii mean for Artists?

Acaii is San Francisco based analytics company that is able to discover and manage talent through the use of statistics. By tracking the streaming numbers and other activity across a multitude of streaming and media platforms, Acaii is able to determine up and coming artists in today’s music industry. See their website HERE for more info. Earlier this week Acaii’s team sent out an email to its users reading that they will be officially shutting down the company. Yesterday is was announced that Apple is buying out Acaii for under $100 million.

Apple and this music analytics company will be going through an “aqui-hire” deal where the major players within company will now be joining Apple’s team. Apple has also recently expressed their hopes that the deal will “help to differentiate us in the search for the superstars of tomorrow”.

What does this mean?

We all know that Apple’s major competitor, Spotify, has specific intentions based on their platform and its recent updates. Spotify is becoming more and more appealing to independent artists - especially with their new feature to directly upload music onto Spotify. They have steered their focus toward assisting smaller, up and coming musicians.

Apple on the other hand has a much separate approach with their service. With the many partnerships between major labels and studios, their fairly private platform has yet to appeal to small emerging artists. But with the possession of this new analytics company, could they be changing directions in the near future? Apple Music could potentially be adding features that appeal to up and coming talent within the industry, similar to Spotify. With a company that specializes in identifying growing talent Apple will no doubt have the ability to roll out features that grab the attention of independent artists. We’ll just have to see how Apple utilizes their access to this new data.

Writer: Bo Turner
Category: Announcements
Date: October 16, 2018