How to get Tour Dates onto your Spotify Profile

Got a tour coming up that you’d like your fans to know about? If you haven’t noticed already, many artists on Spotify have their upcoming tour dates displayed on their profile pages.

Having your dates up on your profile is an extremely convenient feature that could attract more fans and listeners to your events. Any musician with a Spotify for Artists profile is able to display their upcoming shows. Here’s a tutorial on how to do it yourself!

1: Create a Songkick account

In order to display tours, you’re going to need a Songkick account. Once they’re in Songkicks database the dates will appear in Spotify’s desktop and iOS application. Sign up for Songkick HERE.

2: Navigate to Tourbox

Tourbox is Songkicks artist interface and is where you will be able to list all of your events. Click HERE to log in.

3: If not there already, add “your artist” to the Tourbox account

Make sure that your artist name is connected to your Tourbox account. If not follow these steps:

From Tourbox, click on the “Add Artists” button. From there you will be asked to send verification of a relationship to the artist you’ve searched. After your request is accepted, the artist should be manageable from your account.

4: Select “Events”

Within Tourbox select “Events” under your artist name. From there you can add your events and tours, or edit any existing ones.

5: Create an Event

Fill out the following details on the event creation form and you should be good to go! Your events should sync with your Spotify profile page and now be displayed for your fans to see!

Writer: Bo Turner
Category: Announcements
Date: October 17, 2018