Spotify Redesigns App for Premium Users

Spotify’s been extremely busy this year - from allowing direct uploads to their platform to personalizing their official playlists, they’ve shown no signs of slowing down when it comes to pleasing their users. Today another update has been rolled out, this time it involves changes to their iOS platform. Spotify has almost completely redesigned its app for premium users.

New Navigation

Spotify users should be familiar with the platform’s five tabs of navigation: Home, Browse, Search, Radio, and My Library.  Now Spotify has simplified their platform to having just 3 tabs - those being Home, Search, and My Library. Newly recommended music will now appear on the home page and a discovery feature will appear in the new search tab.

The discovery feature will allow for your very own personalized music to appear in the Search tab. Under the search bar users will have their top genres displayed for easy access, and the usual features in the old Browse tab will be absorbed by the Search page. This means you’ll still be able to view top charts, playlists, music by moods, and other old features.

Endless Artist Radio

As many of you may know, Pandora offers its users the ability to create radio stations based on artist name. Now Spotify introduces an almost identical feature: Endless Artist Radio. All a premium subscriber has to do is search for an artist name, and right there and then they can listen to a radio station tailored around that musician’s content. These artist radio stations allow for endless listening, and are updated on a regular basis. Something that is unique about this feature is it’s offline option - you are able to download artist radio stations and listen to them offline.

The update officially rolled out today and should be available to all premium users as of now. Go explore the app for yourself and find out if you like the new changes!

Writer: Bo Turner
Category: Announcements
Date: October 18, 2018