Deezer now Available in Middle East and North Africa

Deezer, an internet based music streaming service, has finally launched in completely new territories. The Middle East and North Africa now have access to all content on Deezer’s application, opening a brand new listening base for artists distributing onto their music store.

In mid-August Deezer had announced its plans to distribute to these regions and this week it has finally been officialized. Within these newly accessed locations Deezer is also introducing an entirely new Rotana Records catalog to their platform. Rotana is today’s largest record label in the Arab World, owned by Rotana Music Group. Deezer is now the only platform in which Middle Eastern residents can stream their music is on.

Now that their platform is available in these new areas, Deezer will be shifting their focus to the region in several ways. In the next coming months the company will be working to open new headquarters in Dubai in order to grow their overall presence. Hans-Holger Albrecht (CEO of Deezer) stresses the importance of being present in the Middle East when streaming numbers increase in the area.

The new listeners in the Middle East and North Africa will have the application tailored to their region, meaning that their recommendations and available playlists on the platform will include locally curated content and will read in their preferred language. Deezer is also offering these residents 6 free months of premium content and is additionally offering these locations a free version of the platform.

Although artists under Rotana Records will end up seeing the most results from this new expansion, it couldn’t hurt to make sure that you’re distributing onto Deezer as well. After all, the platform now has an entirely new listener base and could bring in some good streaming numbers for your music. Repost artists, Click HERE to be redirected to the Repost Network login page!

Writer: Bo Turner
Category: Announcements
Date: October 19, 2018