SoundCloud’s New Update: Share your SoundCloud Tracks on Instagram Stories

This morning SoundCloud released a new feature that involves a further integration with popular social media platform Instagram. Users are now able to upload any track within SoundCloud’s media library onto their Instagram Story.

Earlier this year, Instagram released a feature that allows its users to upload music onto their stories using music from their own, brand new catalog. This new update using SoundCloud’s music actually works much differently than Instagram’s previous update. The new feature is structured to promote tracks on SoundCloud - therefore Instagram viewers are directed to SoundCloud to actually listen to the song displayed. The SoundCloud track on Instagram acts more as a link than a sticker. Here’s how it works:

How to Share

In order to get a SoundCloud track onto your Instagram Story, you’ll need to navigate to your song on SoundCloud’s platform. From there, tap the Share icon on the bottom of your screen. Select Share to Instagram Stories or the Instagram icon (depending on your device), and you’ll be directed to your Instagram. Now on your Instagram Story a sticker should appear, where you are able to adjust size and placement just like with Instagram music. After uploaded, your story viewers are required click a Play on SoundCloud tab to actually stream the song. They will be redirected to SoundCloud’s application to listen rather than staying on Instagram’s platform allowing the song owner to gain new streams.

*For more information, feel free to read SoundCloud’s official blog: linked HERE

The new SoundCloud update presents great method for self-promoting your music. Artists - take advantage of it!

Writer: Bo Turner
Category: Announcements
Date: October 23, 2018