Soundcloud Launches New Collaboration Feature for iOS

Whether you’re looking to get direct advice on demos and edits or promote your work before it’s official release, Soundcloud just maximized your workflow process by enabling private track and playlist sharing for iOS. They are officially the first platform to make this a reality and truly showed their appreciation for the collaborative and creative process in music.

Here are a few pointers on the new feature:

Sharing private tracks: the owner of the private track or playlist can share it through the “share” option on the player menu at the bottom of the screen, just like a public track!

Making private tracks go public: This is also enabled through the iOS app! You’ll know it’s public once the lock icon has disappeared.

Making public tracks and playlists private: You can easily switch to stealth mode through the app by switching back to “locked” status, your track or playlist will be undiscoverable.

We are loving these major updates Soundcloud is rolling out for you guys to maximize your workflow!

Writer: Alara Saygi
Category: Announcements
Date: November 09, 2018