Snapchat Ads for Independent Artists

Advertising through social media targeting has now become commonplace, and Snapchat isn’t one to miss out on. And yes, we’re talking about Snapchat, not Instagram.

Whether it’s through free promotion or paid options, here’s why and how independent artists should use Snapchat Ads to reach new fans and potentially monetize.

What it is: Snapchat developed seamless integration of ads within their platform so independent artists can effectively make an impression on a new audience. With over 187 million daily users, Snapchat helps cater your content to the right users and allow users to engage with the ad straight through the ad campaign.

Their products are versatile and can be designed in different ways, whether it’s a full-screen ad, fun filters, or location-based geotags.

Better Insights using their Ad Manager: Snapchat really nailed down the behind-the-scenes work for every ad through their ad manager. They give you the freedom to target your audiences and combine it with their user engagement data to find the best audience for your content.

Their manager is a full package, giving you actionable insights on your campaign, most of the design tools to directly design your campaign through the manager, and much more.

This is a fun and fast way to drive an audience to your newsletter sign-up, your Snapchat, Soundcloud, Spotify, or website.

Utilizing their Partnerships: If you’re an artist with a larger marketing and campaigning budget, Snapchat’s resourceful partnership will give you access to digital agencies and content creation platforms for a higher quality campaign.

If you think Snapchat Ads are right up your alley, here’s how you can get started:

  1. Visit and create a business account
  2. Choose which snapchat ad format you want to go with, whether it’s a Snapchat Ad, Story Ad, Filter, or Geotag
  3. Start designing! Make sure to adhere to the produce specification for each ad with this link.
  4. Select your audience using the snapchat specific filters
  5. Select duration and budget, PUSH!

Ad campaigns can really be a hit or miss, but with Snapchat’s unique creative features and detailed analysis and reporting on target users, you should be getting great exposure to a new audience base.

Writer: Alara Saygi
Category: Announcements
Date: November 14, 2018