Naomi Wild: Artist Spotlight

Online streaming has drastically changed how the music industry functions in today’s society. Naomi Wild, an LA-based singer and songwriter with Repost Network, gives us some insight on how music streaming has affected her as an artist.

Why have you chosen to stay as an independent artist?

“I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it on my own and share my art with the world without having to get ‘approval’ by someone else.”

In what way has music streaming helped your singing career?

“Streaming allows the opportunity to reinvest into my other projects and collaborate with artists that I’ve always wanted to work with.”

How often do you release songs online? How do you distribute them?

“Lately, I haven’t released many songs since I’m still focusing on my project, but I always distribute them through Repost Network.”

How important is it to get on Spotify playlists? How does an artist get onto these playlists?

“It’s important to get on Spotify playlists if you want to get a ton of streams 一 it’s easier for people to discover you. If the song is trending because it’s a really good song, it’ll circulate on its own (like most things) and end up getting added to more playlists. Besides popularity, Repost expedites the process by getting my songs onto playlists that are a good fit.”

How does collaborating with other artists and payout with music streaming work?

“Every collaboration varies depending on how much each artist has contributed to the song. Normally this process can be extremely time consuming, but to make it easier I use Repost’s new Split Pay feature to add each artist’s percentage of contribution to the song, paying them out directly.”

Do you think music streaming is changing the way fans interact with your music/you interact with your fans?

“I try not to pay so much attention to this stuff! I just want to make my art and share it with the world and if someone cares, amazing - I love you and thank you for caring. It’s just a screen and some numbers until there are people singing the words with you in person, or drive eight hours to see you perform a song. It doesn’t mean the song has to have millions of streams to have significant value for that one person.”

Any tips on how you maximize the number of music streams per track?

“Make honest music from your heart 一 that’s all it is.”

Writer: Bo Turner
Category: Announcements
Date: December 05, 2018