Yandex Now Partnered With Repost Network

As of today, Repost Network now offers distribution onto the popular Russia-based music platform, Yandex Music! Developed by the large Russian internet company Yandex, this streaming platform has offered over 40 million musical tracks for listening since late 2017.

After the platform’s inception in 2010, Yandex was able to acquire music catalogs from major music companies such as Universal Music, Warner Music Group, EMI, Sony Music, and other prominent rights holders. Within the next three years Yandex Music became publicly accessible after releasing their application on iOS and Android stores. Since its growth, the platform has transformed into an extremely user-friendly experience for over 20 million total monthly listeners. In the past four years Yandex Music has expanded its territory reach (available in Israel as of October 2018), heavily redesigned their user interface, and even began offering personal recommendations and playlists.

Smart Playlists

Similar to Spotify, Yandex Music curates “smart playlists” for its users, which are custom-made playlists for each unique subscriber. These smart playlists are curated based on your recently played tracks, your favorite genres, and your overall taste in music - all updated on a daily basis.

Yandex Music has a lot to offer as a distribution platform, so make sure to upload your next release onto this growing music store! All you need to do is mark the Yandex box in our distribution tab while setting up a new release.

Writer: Bo Turner
Category: Announcements
Date: December 17, 2018