ASMR Featured in Super Bowl LIII Commercial

Did you tune in to Super Bowl LIII this last Sunday? If so, you most likely saw the Michelob Ultra Pure Gold Commercial with famous actress Zoe Kravitz. In the commercial we saw her sitting in a tropical setting, whispering slowly into a microphone, tapping her beer with her nails, and rolling its bottom on a wooden table. What was that? Did you get the tingles?

Click HERE to see full commercial

This commercial and videos alike are called ASMR: an abbreviation for “autonomous sensory meridian response”. ASMR is an audio-based experience that is meant to trigger a static-like, tingling sensation within its viewers. These videos provide a low-grade euphoria caused by a series of different sounds and visual stimuli, all sparking a very positive feeling in the brain.

ASMR has grown into quite an internet sensation over the past few years, becoming a noticeably dominant category on YouTube and even making its way onto Spotify and other music platforms.

Interested in hearing ASMR? Seeing that this sensational experience continues to grow, here are some popular, up and coming ASMR stars that you can check out now (with Spotify links attached):

  1. TingTing ASMR
  2. Gibi ASMR
  3. Creative Calm ASMR
  4. ASMR Glow
  5. Rapunzel ASMR
Writer: Bo Turner
Category: Announcements
Date: February 04, 2019