How to Properly Distribute Onto Pandora

Planning on distributing to Pandora? Usually you can distribute to any platform of your choosing simply by clicking a button in the Repost dashboard, but with Pandora it can get a bit more complicated. Here’s how you as an artist should go about putting music onto Pandora with Repost Network.

How does Pandora Work?

There are three separate services offered by Pandora: (1) a free radio service with running ads, (2) a paid ad-blocked radio service, and (3) an on-demand music store called Pandora Premium which functions much like Spotify and Apple Music.

We send your music to all three Pandora services, but getting your music onto the free Pandora and Pandora Plus radio services is never guaranteed. Tracks featured on Pandora radio stations are determined by the platform’s editorial team. If chosen, your music will automatically be placed on these two radio services.

Pandora Premium

Pandora Premium on the other hand involves a completely different process. Being a standard music distribution platform like Spotify and Apple Music, all tracks submitted to Pandora Premium will end up on that platform.

However, before you begin distributing onto Pandora Premium you must sign up for a Music Reports Incorporated account. Music Reports Incorporated (MRI) is a partnering company with Pandora that allows artists to receive the money owed to them. Here’s a short instructional guide on how to register with MRI:

1. Visit MRI’s official website at

2. Click “Get Started

3. Click the “I Create / Own Music” option from the pop-up menu then click Next

4. Fill out the Registration Form (sections provided below)

– Company Name *enter either your publishing company or your own

–Society *your Performance Rights Organization (PRO)

– IPI # *9 digit code (given to you by your PRO upon registration)

– Name

– Role *artist, admin, pub client, etc.

– Email

– Phone

– Address

5. Click “Submit

After registering with MRI, you’re all set to distribute onto Pandora Premium! Go into your Repost Network dashboard and in your distribution tab, click the Pandora box under the release(s) of your choice. We hope this article was helpful!

Writer: Bo Turner
Category: Announcements
Date: February 07, 2019