Repost Now Introducing New “Pitch to Stores” Feature

Today Repost has launched a brand new app within our dashboard, designed to help artists get the most out of their future releases. The “Pitch to Stores” app allows artists to pitch their upcoming releases for general promotion on multiple stores. This includes pitching to official playlists, requesting features on DSP home pages, submitting payed advertising placements, and much more (all dependent on the specific platform). Currently there are 17 total DSPs you are able to choose from, and artists have the option to select 3 total platforms per pitch.

Keep in Mind:

  • Artists have a one pitch limit per month with a maximum of three DSPs per pitch
  • The more information, the better! Providing information like tour dates, marketing drivers, electronic press kits, or other marketing materials will increase the quality of your pitch and your chances of being placed
  • Releases can only be considered for promotional placements if submitted to stores three weeks prior to the track’s release date

* Why the three week wait time? Stores prefer for releases to already be delivered and have significant lead time before going live. This allows for curators/editorial teams to evaluate your music properly and make a decision on whether or not to select your music for promotion.

The new “Pitch to Stores” application is a great way for artists to gain more exposure all around the board. Sure Spotify is one of the biggest and most influential platforms, but how many streams are you getting on the biggest DSPs in Russia? Or China? You really never know where your music will succeed. As always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the new “Pitch to Stores” app please feel free to reach out to our Help Center any time!

Writer: Bo Turner
Category: Announcements
Date: March 13, 2019