What You Should Know Before Launching a TikTok Campaign

Ashnikko is currently riding a wave of viral success after her single “Stupid” blew up on TikTok. Lil Nas X has credited the social network with his success. As the video app best known for lip-sync videos and comedy sketches continues to generate buzz in music industry circles, you might wonder if TikTok is the best strategy for you.

“People have to remember that, much like any other social media or streaming platform, certain content will perform well and certain content won’t,” says Jared Rapoza, founder and CEO of Artist Influence, which develops social media strategies for clients that include Sony Music and WMG.

TikTok’s buzz is due to its ability to propel virtual unknowns into online, and sometimes offline, fame. But, success isn’t guaranteed. “I recommend to my clients that they only run a TikTok campaign with us or anybody else if they are already seeing sizable growth over other platforms,” says Rapoza. “You need a proof of concept through seeing organic traction on platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud and YouTube. If there’s organic traction, the client should roll out a TikTok campaign that’s amplifying the performance of the song across platforms.”

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Liz Ohanesian writes about the intersection of music, arts and technology. She is based in Los Angeles.

Writer: Liz Ohanesian
Category: Announcements
Date: January 03, 2020