SoundCloud's DJ Integration Helps You Take Your Favorite Tracks, and New Discoveries, Into the Club

In late 2018, SoundCloud entered the club with its Serato partnership, enabling DJs to mix streaming tracks with DJ Pro and DJ Lite. Over the course of this year, more collabs followed. Now, you can integrate SoundCloud with VirtualDJ, DEX 3, Pioneer DJ, Traktor DJ 2 and rekordbox. The rekordbox integration is compatible with both controllers and CDJs.

For some DJs, this kind of access can be a game changer. You can pull from SoundCloud’s catalog of 200+ million tracks on the fly, giving you more spontaneity and flexibility when you DJ. Of course, that immense volume of music can be overwhelming, but, through your DJ app, you can search for tracks or pull from your own playlists. The SoundCloud 101 video posted here shows you how it works with Serato DJ Pro, Traktor DJ 2 and rekordbox. Check it out before you get started.

To use SoundCloud’s DJ integration feature, you’ll need a Go+ subscription, which will also let you listen without adds, unlimited offline listening and high quality audio.

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Writer: Liz Ohanesian
Category: Announcements
Date: January 22, 2020