How Juniper Works With Repost Network To Plan & Track Their Progress

Last summer, Boston-based Juniper, was at a crossroads. Earlier in the year, the indie rock and soul band, which formed in 2017, solidified its current lineup. They had gone into the studio and recorded a slew of new songs. “We came together and we had all of this content and material,” says bassist and vocalist Scott Johnson. But, they needed some guidance on the next step. Serendipitously, the five-piece outfit was contacted by the Talent team at Repost Network.

“We worked with Repost’s Talent team to set up a release schedule for the fall and early winter. We’ve been operating on that schedule since,” Johnson says. The band is currently in the midst of a promotional campaign for their forthcoming single, “Please Stop Calling,” which will be released on February 28. “It’s so nice to have Repost with their resources and knowledge of the industry to navigate through that process.”

For the emerging band, working with Repost Network has helped them build a following both in and outside of their home town. In Boston, they’ve seen audiences at live shows grow. Online, they’ve gained traction on Spotify, with songs like “Here For the First Time” and “Regret” garnering over 170,000 streams in a matter of months. For the past half-year, they’ve been averaging 25,000 listeners per month. Johnson says that the updates they get from Repost about additions to playlists have been helpful in charting their success. Guitarist Ahren Shreeve adds that using SoundCloud to pre-release tunes has been helpful as well in building “a little bit of a momentum” before they hit all platforms. Ultimately, they say, Repost has helped them channel their release and promotion efforts in ways that are effective for the band. Says Johnson, “The collaboration aspect of being able to have a close relationship with A&R or Repost in general makes us more comfortable when it comes to releasing songs that we’ve been working so hard on.”

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Writer: Liz Ohanesian
Category: Announcements
Date: February 07, 2020