Promoting Music and Making Money During Coronavirus

“There are still many ways to maintain your creativity and generate revenue while touring is on hold.

The Coronavirus has turned the music industry upside down. In less than a month, virtually every tour and music festival have been canceled, with more postponed. These decisions have left countless artists without tour income they need to survive. That, coupled with the global closure or restriction of most service jobs, have left the global creative industry in dire straits. People are scared, and it’s hard to say when those fears will be alleviated.

No one can magically replace the revenue lost from live events, but the music business is still very much operational. The latest episode of Music Biz hosted by James Shotwell takes a look at what artists can do to maintain their sanity, continue creating, and — hopefully — generate additional revenue.

Don’t let the fear of the moment convince you that hope is lost. The music industry is incredibly resilient, and so is the human spirit. Throughout our history as a species, music has played a significant role in helping us through tough times and celebrations. Music keeps people believing in a better tomorrow, and when the time is right, people will flock to live music once more. Until then, do your best to apply the advice above, and try to take this unprecedented event one day at a time. You cannot control the world around you but you can control your influence on others.

For additional advice on sustaining your career during the Coronavirus outbreak of 2020, please click here and here.”

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Writer: Jeff Ponchick
Category: Announcements
Date: April 01, 2020