When It Comes to Social Media, Go Where You Feel Comfortable

For emerging bands, developing and maintaining an online presence is important. Between Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok, though, you probably don’t have enough time to invest an equal amount of effort in each platform and focus on your music. That’s okay. You don’t need to overwhelm yourself by trying to be ever-present on every social media platform. When it comes to your online identity, Sam Tall, Artist Manager and Manager Of Music Operations for Studio 71 in Los Angeles, says to stick with the platforms where you feel most comfortable.

“If you only think in short form, stay on Twitter,” he says. Conversely, if you prefer to write long, or if taking photos doesn’t interest you, then don’t focus on Twitter and Instagram. Stay true to your own voice. “I think that the audience is going to respond to that really favorably. They’re not going to feel like they’re getting short changed or they’re not getting the real version of what they expect from the artist,” says Tall. “I think that the artist is also going to be happier engaging on a platform in which they feel most comfortable, as opposed to feeling contrived, like they have to do it as a responsibility.”

While artists might think that they need to be present on certain platforms because it’s popular with their genre of music, that’s not necessarily true, according to Tall. “I don’t think genre comes into play as much,” he says, “maybe in the past it did, but at this point, it’s pretty well-established territory.”

He adds, “There are niche communities on every single platform at this point. It really comes down to what’s the medium that suits the message.”

Writer: Liz Ohanesian
Category: Announcements
Date: June 17, 2020