We’re excited to announce we’ve expanded our partnership with Twitch! Repost by SoundCloud is now a preferred partner for the Soundtrack by Twitch beta, announced earlier today!

Soundtrack provides Twitch streamers with a curated collection of rights-cleared music. As an artist using Repost, any music you’ve distributed with us has already been ingested into the Twitch catalogue and you can select Twitch the next time you distribute.

Jeff Ponchick, VP and Head of Repost by SoundCloud says, “We believe that Twitch is a companion platform to SoundCloud in that we are both passionate about helping creators make a living through their audiences online, on their own terms. We are excited to partner with such a like minded platform In an effort to build towards a uniform goal of creator empowerment.”

“Music is and will always be a visceral part of the gaming and livestream experience. As SoundCloud’s distribution offering, Repost by SoundCloud is excited to partner deeper with Twitch to bring the best of SoundCloud’s indie musicians and label content to the Twitch platform to help gain more exposure and build careers.”

With the continued rise of live-streaming, we’re thrilled to provide you with the opportunity to get your music in front of more viewers. Want to make sure that track you just recorded makes it to Soundtrack by Twitch?

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Category: Announcements
Date: September 30, 2020