Collaborative Songwriting

The quickest way to make a connection, and to really get to know somebody is to get in the room and write a song with them, because you both open up. You get to know who they are as a person. The more songwriting sessions you have with other writers, producers and artists, the quicker you’ll realize that your social network within the industry is expanding. Those artists are writing with people and they start bringing you into other sessions. Then, there’s always a producer in the room. Sometimes, there’s a top liner. That opens so many doors.

One of the best ways to find collaborators is to go on SoundCloud and look at producer and artist pages and comment on their music or finding them on Instagram, or social networks, and DM them. That’s the old school way, but it is still probably the most effective.

There are companies like SoundBetter, which is a place where you can go to connect with top liners, singers, bass players, keyboard players, artists, writers, producers. They’re all in one place and you can target them based on their genre and their geographical location. There are several other tools out there, but I personally think there’s no easier way than getting on SoundCloud and finding music you love and DMing these people.

As an artist or writer, you should make sure you register with BM,I ASCAP or SESAC here in the US. Then, when you go into a writing session, it’s always best to have some sort of understanding up front. Who’s going to be the producer? Who’s going to be in the room writing? Try to have some sort of understanding– before or during the session, or after– of what everybody’s splits are. It’s best to have those things figured out sooner than later.

Edgel Groves began his career as a musician, playing with the band Sun Domingo in the 2000s and went on to form a booking agency and management company at the end of the decade. Groves is senior manager of A&R for SoundCloud.

Category: Announcements
Date: January 21, 2021