Kira Kosarin’s Shares Her Eight Steps to Rule the World (Or At Least One Corner of It)

Some people are born with stunning talent, and some others are born with the drive and determination to reach for the stars. Kira Kosarin was born with both, and nothing is going to stop her.

She grew up with music as her second language and thought she would be a singing, dancing broadway star, but her path took a different turn when she took her first acting class at eleven years old. Edgel and Kira talk about how she decided what she wanted (“that Hanna Montana Life”), and the steps she took to land her breakout role on Nickelodeon’s The Thundermans.

Along the way Kira spent years writing music just for herself, amassing a stunning 25 million followers on TIK TOK, and building a network of like-minded, supportive (and “super nerdy”) friends and collaborators. She talks about what she had to give up in her childhood to realize her dream; how those challenges became fuel for her next chapter as songwriter and performer; and how she’s moved from just writing sad songs to a “joyful vulnerability” that means she doesn’t (always) have to suffer for her art.

Kira takes everything seriously - even her love of ABC’s The Bachelor. The rapid-fire banter is smart and insightful, and Edgel takes the back seat while Kara drops enough knowledge bombs for a master class on the creative mind. Before the rollicking conversation is over, they’ve covered most of her life, the difference between auditioning for a job and treating an auditions as a job, the secrets to playing that TIK TOK game, and why having a few ride-or-die fans can be better than hitting number one on the charts. And that’s all before Kira shares her eight profound pieces of advice for up-and-coming creators — or anyone with something artistic to share.

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Category: Interview
Date: February 20, 2021